Landscape and Nature

Living within landscapes, lulled in by their lovely lullaby;
never neglecting the nobility of nature.

Utility Poles

Landscape on the austrian border.
2014 - Canon 600D

In most situations humans impose on nature. In this setting the man made blends into the natural.


Photo in the woods of Slavonice.
2014 - Canon 600D

Deep inside the woods, which were filled with a saturated deep, yet dull green, there was the remainder of a tree that had been cut down, but had returned to its surrounding. It allows to on one hand see what human action can take away, yet also shows the endless, yet slow progressing of nature.


Vienna Skyline with focus on the WU.
2015 - Canon 70D
Taken at astronomical dawn, this image reflects a green shimmer over the city still captured in the remains of the light reflected in the atmosphere creating a gloomy cool tone.


Image of cranes in the evening.
2015 - Canon 70D
The image was taked at the moment the sun visually dropped beneath the horizon. Cascading the horizon and sky in dances of color merging within themselves, it also holds a sharp distinction between nature and human construction, barely lighting the buildings and more prominently the cranes. The continues variation of the skyline counteracts and acts as antithesis to the rigid dark foreground.

Tree Top

Photo of a brilliant photographer.
2015 - Canon 70D
The ever so slight variation of the sky, references the distinction seen in 'Cranes'. While logically harmonic the trees crown looks almost imposed. The branchs seeming to attemt grabbing more of the frame.