A vivid variation of various views
on the massive mix of materials, moments and matter.

Wooden Geometry

Wooden clamps in a sculptors workshop in Slavonice.
2014 - Canon 600D

Attempt to create dimensional effects through the varying directions of lines in the photo.


Hidden Garden

Photo taken from the church tower in Slavonice.
2014 - Canon 600D

Variations of color, alongside the variations in direction in different materials.


Harmonic Path

A short dirt path exiting the Messe Wien.
2015 - Canon 70D
Contrast between the very linear building and the smooth motion of the path not confinded by the frame, and freely nonlinear.

Eternal Bastet

Photography of a handcrafted black sculpture from Egypt.
2015 - Canon 70D
Contrast between back and forground.

Tainted Reality

Photo of a curved mirror distorting the image, surrounded by leaves.
2014 - Canon 600D
This photo was taken in Slavonice. I enjoy the contrast between the outside and inside of the mirrors frame, allowing for distortion in an undistorted enviroment.

Black Fire

Photography of a fireplace in the museum humanum at the austrian-czech border.
2014 - Canon 600D
Minimial light sensitivity in a dark room, thus capturing the flame with a darkend background.