A plethora of perspectives on persons and people
capturing certain compartmentalised charactersitics.

Photo Shelly Gertan
Subject Sebastian Hager

Broken Devil

Facepainted young man.
2014 - Canon 600D

Facepainting with the idea of a suffering devil. A figure torn, committing evil, yet tormented by regret and anguish.


Museum Director

Photo of the director of the museum humanum.
2014 - Canon 600D

Focus on creating the face, while excluding a prominent aspect the eyes, creating a incomplete whole.


Closeup of a segment of a young womans face.
2014 - Canon 600D
Attempt to focus on a smaller segment of the face, excluding the eyes. This allows the frame to hint at yet not impose an image, relating to the effect of books on ones imaginagtion.


Long term exposure of sitting and standing young woman.
2014 - Canon 600D
The use of a longterm exposier in a very dim room, creating two personas of which one, the sitting figure is exposed longer to create the standing figure as its essence, rather than two strong and clear images.

Holy Lex

Photo of a brilliant photographer.
2014 - Canon 600D
Centering the individual amount symmetric surroundings, relating to the biblical and in general religious artform of a centered protagonist and a gloomier tone.


Photography of young woman working.
2014 - Canon 600D
Reflected light of the sky, giving entrance to a blue ton amoungst the green to brown earthier range.



Young man with scraped skin after fall.
2014 - Canon 600D
Importance of subtlety to create enough discrepancy and antithesis for interest.

Black and White

Photo of a young woman sitting.
2015 - Canon 70D
This photo focuses on black and white and their interaction around a timidly toned background.